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June 6, 2012.      This last weekend, we did the first aerial balloon photography for the “Looking Down:NCMA” piece for the North Carolina Museum of Art.  Other than some high winds and thunder storms, it was a beautiful weekend.  Lots of sun that caused crisp shadows.   The camera was walked around the entire campus at least once.  The only hitch was that the winds were so strong Saturday evening that we couldn’t shoot the outdoor movie.  That will have to wait until July. During the windy periods a 25 foot pole camera was used to photograph the trails and artworks in the woods.

Aerial balloon camera photographing near the sculpture “Gyre” by Thomas Syre at NCMA. Photo by Morgan Bailey

“Looking Down: North Carolina Museum of Art”, chronicles human activity on the campus of the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Starting in June 2012 and going for eight months Artist Dan Bailey will photograph the grounds using low altitude helium balloon photography.  These overhead images of people, pathways, and artwork will be collaged onto a contemporary satellite photograph creating a patchwork-like quilt full of small details.