Category: Time-lapse

LOOKING UP, Documentation and Example Clips

This is a short documentation of LOOKING UP, a video installation for the North Carolina Museum of Art and Penland School of Crafts.  The piece randomly plays video time-lapses of the sky over Western North Carolina in 2012.  For the sake of this online video documentation, the clips are played here 2-3 times faster than in the installation.  

Earth Rotates Against Fixed Stars

Just had to see what it would look like to keep the stars fixed (as they should be) and have the earth rotate around them. Click on the Vimeo Logo to see this in high resolution and full screen (the stars will thank you!).

2011 Penland Instructor’s Retreat

Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina offered a 5 day retreat for Instructors in September of 2011. This 8 minute video is a haphazard collection of the activities in a few of the studios: iron, wood, metals, weaving, textiles, letterpress, printmaking, paper and books. This was all done with GoPro Camera. Click on the Vimeo Logo to see this in high resolution.