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Mooned by a Bird. This is War!

The saga with birds and camera equipment continues since an earlier post, “Birds 6, Dan 0.”  …

Looking Up: Camera Platform

June 29, 2012.      To create the time lapse sequences for “Looking Up: The Sky Over Penland,” a high and very stable platform was needed.   This platform will hold 1-3 cameras during any type of weather and will be used for the next 8 months.  That means through January, winter and high winds!

Hacking a Canon PowerShot for Time Lapse.

After months of reading, there are only a few options for launching a high quality light-weight camera onto a balloon that can take photos every few seconds.  I went with hacking a Canon PowerShot camera with CHDK.  Haven’t floated it up yet, but on the ground it is allowing full manual control of everything and it shoots RAW images.  Perfect for the quality that is needed.  Next step is to use it in the air.  If you want a bit more information on CHDK,  continue reading…