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Mooned by a Bird. This is War!

The saga with birds and camera equipment continues since an earlier post, “Birds 6, Dan 0.”  …

The Real Work for “Looking Up” Starts

Enough of tests.  It’s August and the skies are great. Time to start.  And, yep, from this perspective that cloud is above Penland School.

Two Days of Driving in Rain

Drove 6 hours to Raleigh in the rain.  Rain out. No ballooning because of rain.  Drove 6 hours home in the rain. Wasted trip. Wasted weekend.

An Apparently Typical Late Afternoon Drive Into Raleigh

Coming into Raleigh there is an electronic sign over the beltway. … 

Balloon Camera

Robin Dreyer, Communications Director of Penland School, took a photograph of the balloon camera just as it took a photo of him.  Click “Read More” to see the photo of him.  Looking Up | Looking Down

Penland First Aerial Balloon Photographs

July 7, 2012.     Just as with the North Carolina Museum of Art shoot, this first run at Penland was full of gifts.  Following are 4 images that might be used for the final 2013 piece.  

“So…Is this the Looking Up or the Looking Down piece?”

  July 7, 2012.      I hadn’t been photographing for 2 minutes before a middle school camper preparing for the annual Penland School 4th of July Parade had asked one of the best questions yet about this project. Nailed it.  I smiled while I photographed the rest of the parade with the helium balloon.  What follows is a small sampling of what can be used to create the final work in 2013.

Looking Up: Penland School Fireworks

July 6, 2012.      Again, the first real run for “Looking Up: The Sky Over Penland School” was to shoot the sky over Penland as the fireworks show went off. Long time friend, colleague, and photographer, Jim Henkel, joined in watching the event from the Arbuckle Observatory.  He took this photo as final setups were done. Following is a potential still from the 2013 video.  

First Penland Aerial Balloon Photography

July 5, 2012.      The annual 4th of July Parade at Penland School of Crafts was the obvious first flight for the helium balloon aerial photography.  Other than a balloon bursting and having to start over, it worked well.  The results will be in seen in 2013 when “Looking Down: Penland School” is completed.  Thanks to Wes Stitt of Penland School for the photos. Photo by Wes Stitt  

Looking Up: More Waiting…

July 3, 2012.     Fully socked in gray rainy day.  The all-weather shroud for the camera works good, but nothing to take a photo of.  It’s a great feature of the Arbuckle Observatory that a hand-made weather vane constructed by Glen Gardner in the 1980s is there to keep orientation when you can’t see anything.