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LOOKING UP, Documentation and Example Clips

This is a short documentation of LOOKING UP, a video installation for the North Carolina Museum of Art and Penland School of Crafts.  The piece randomly plays video time-lapses of the sky over Western North Carolina in 2012.  For the sake of this online video documentation, the clips are played here 2-3 times faster than in the installation.  

Wrapping Up “Looking Down: NCMA”

2 balloons + tank of helium + 6 days + stepping in 2 Fire Ant nests = 12,000 pictures of the NCMA campus.  Click on to see the full-sized gallery of sample images taken from this recent August “ballooning”.

Time Lapse Teaser

Many people have been clamoring to see some of the “Looking Up” time lapses.  Here is an infrared one.  Its pretty much straight out of the camera.  It is not made for this type of online viewing situation and will seem long, but in its final form it will be 3-4 times longer! … 

3 Terabyte Jump Drives

The time-lapse sequences for “Looking Up” are HUGE and eating up hard drives.  I am swapping out 3 terabyte drives as if they are jump drives.  Getting better at it.  Don’t need a chain saw anymore.

Quick Sample of Balloon Photos from Penland

Couldn’t resist going through some of the 11,000 balloon photographs of Penland School. Click “Read More” to see all 10 and to get them full-size.

Looking Down: Mockups

The hundreds of aerial photos taken by the helium balloon camera will be laid on top of a typical satellite image of Penland’s and NC Museum of Art’s campuses. …

Wrapping Up “Looking Down: Penland School”

5 balloons + a tank and a half of helium + 6 days = 11,000 photos of the Penland Campus for the “Looking Down” piece. …

Perseid Meteor Night

Got a few meteor trails, but ended with a great time lapse of nighttime clouds forming in the valleys. They eventually rise up and envelop the camera.  You’ll have to wait til April to see it.

Mistake. 60 Watts and a Fog Bank

This is not Photoshopped.  It’s a mistake that showed up at 2 AM when the fog rolled up from the valley. …

Great Storm, Wrong Location

An amazing electrical storm formed at sunset, but it was over Spruce Pine, NC and not Penland. …