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GoPro Camera in Plastic Bag hanging from 3 foot Helium Balloon

First test used a GoPro Camera hanging from a 3 foot helium filled balloon in a plastic bag.  The bag simply cradles the camera aiming down and the lens pokes through a hole in the bag.  This is a simple light-weight and weather-resistant solution.   The GoPro camera was set to time-lapse mode and shooting an image every 5 seconds.  It was raining, the balloon was quite wet and there wasn’t enough helium in the balloon to keep it floating well.


GoPro Image from 3 foot Helium Balloon

This was done at Penland School where the front knoll is mowed with this crazy random path and I’d like to do something with a set of photographs to document it.  This image shows some first results.  The GoPro camera, has a very wide angle lens and might cause problems.