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May 5, 2012.      Almost there.  This test was with a bigger balloon (5′), a more stable camera rig, and a camera set manually with intervalometer script and shooting RAW files.  These high resolution images are then collaged onto a low-res satellite image.  This detail of the final test collage does not give a true indication of the range of information available, so I have posted a zoomable version on Gigapan.orgThis image needs to be printed or viewed very large so a viewer can see the overall collage, but then get close to engage in the minute detail.  To get a better sense of how this would work the gigapan post is embedded below, but you can also see it better on the site. Here.

You will be able to zoom in and see my sister in a couple of locations.  She also took the photos here of the balloon camera rig in process.  The Asian Rock Garden was constructed by Oscar Bailey. These blog posts cover the camera rig and camera hack.